Johann Fischer was one of the Art Brut artists from the house of artists in Gugging close to Vienna. Lightness, spontaneity and creatively drawing upon one’s innermost resources: these are particularly clearly discernible elements in his works. On the one hand, his texts border on banality, on the other they are almost philosophical "Inscriptions".

This book, winner of a Joseph Binder Award in the category of edition design, is a homage to the "cra-zy" work of Josef Fischer, which presents itself with great exactness and unmistakable calligraphic details.

The typographic layout of the book, which is inspired by the characteristics of manuscripts from long-gone days, conveys the artist’s abnormal and cranky nature without making fun of it. The sober and straight-lined type corresponds in digital typesetting to the painstaking and meticulous way in which the artist writes; his typical special characters, strokes and flourishes serve as additions. Available from the the Salon für Kunstbuch (salon for art books), shop des Museum Gugging, as well as here by request.

Titel Nahaufnahme Johann Fischer – Künstler aus Gugging
Seitendetail des preisgekrönten Künstlerbuches Johann Fischer

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