From within the genre of portraiture, Mark Glassner explores the notion of the unseen in this series. With scientific clarity and detail, ten young men and women are presented – straight to camera, central to frame, in front of a neutral background. Bare shouldered and seemingly vulnerable, their faces are deformed by the full force of a powerful, yet invisible blow, as if the speed of the attack was so fast it could not be captured. As if strapped into a wind tunnel, a head on collision with a 330km/h hurricane.

The initial burst of pressure leaves you breathless like the moment you are released from gravity and relax into the seat of a rollercoaster. The unnatural facial contortions appear sculptural under the soft lighting, moulded like plasticine into a grotesque carnival sideshow. Without flinching, the subjects all glare intently back at the camera with almost smug indifference, they have been physically violated, but remain impassive. There is a peculiar tranquillity to their expression that defies their physical mutation. They are taking a beating, but there are no signs of violence. No blood, no bruising, not even blinking. The end result is both life threatening and life affirming.  

The photo book, instead of pagination with meteorological symbols, offers information on the invisible effect of wind force. This information is explained in more detail in a "flyer" placed into the book.     

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