gelbe Buchrücken des Yanus Verlag. Gestaltet von HAGEN Julian Grafik Design
Yanus Verlag Visitenkarten

The programme of the publishing house, founded in 2009, contains classical and also printed paperback books, as well as e-books, and – with the tandem book – a mixed form consisting of analogue and digital content.

The bipolarity between analogue and digital was one of the decisive aspects in the process of finding a name, and then also in the choice of "iterrobang", a hermaphrodite punctuation mark, consisting of exclamation marks and question marks, as the company logo.

Each book cover is generated individually, by means of processing a certain algorithm, and printed as a PDF. The challenge in developing the system applied to the cover consisted of attaining a liveliness and individuality which is possible through digital printing "on demand", while also remaining faithful to the clear line defined by the publishing house.

E-Book samples at Thalia publishers