Nagelfluhkette nature park brochure

"We want to convey the value of our hidden natural treasures. We are looking for a high-quality publication that is not thrown out and one that perhaps even finds its way onto people's bookshelves" (the customer's wish).

This 32-page brochure is primarily designed to raise awareness for the transnational nature park and its specific habitats.

It encourages critical examination of ecological and economic issues. The brochure, deliberately minimalist in its design, contains scientifically sound articles and unembellished photographs to reflect the Bregenzerwald region.

Concept, design and photography

Naturpark Nagelfluhkette - Broschüre - Rücken - Detail. Grafik Julian Hagen
Naturpark Broschüre Bregenzerwald. Hittisau Nagelfluhkette. Hagen Gestaltung. Vorarlberg Grafik
Broschüre Naturpark Nagelfluhkette . Doppelseite Vielfalt der Natur. Hagen Gestaltung
Naturpark Nagelfluhkette, Klappen offen

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