Lustenauer Senf Gewürzmischung Betlehem. Verpackung Metalldose. Hagen Gestaltung. Julian Hagen
Lustenauer Senf Curry Goa. Verpackung Metalldose. Hagen Gestaltung. Julian Hagen

Lustenau is closer to India than you might think. At least culinarily speaking. The Bengal tiger or the camel from Rajasthan have made it far westwards. In black tins. No, this has nothing to do with climate change, it's more about a change of heart.

The knowledge the people at Lustenauer Senf acquired over four generations Lustenauer Senf about the correct spice mixes has now given rise to an in-house spice range. The selection ranges from curry powder mixes in five different levels of hotness to vanilla and barbecue mixes and Christmas Stollen and gingerbread spices.

Verpackungsdesign für Lustenauer Senf Curry Gewürzedose. Sorte Kashmir - scharf
Lebkuchen Gewürz Verpackung Lustenauer Senf
Grillgewürz von Lustenauer Senf. Verpackungsgestaltung HAGEN GESTALTUNG - Julian Hagen, Wien/Dornbirn
Curry Gewürzmischung in Metalldose von Lustenauer Senf. Gestaltung: Hagen Julian.
Curry Dose milde Sorte Rajasthan Lustenauer Senf. Design by Julian Hagen
Bio Vanille Zucker Verpackung von Lustenauer Senf. Gestaltung: Julian Hagen. Franzensgasse Wien

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