The gugging gallery is a hotspot of the art brut scene. As the "ambassador" of the artists from Gugging, the gallery is a place of inspiration for artists, collectors and art lovers on an international level.

The gallery participates in international art fairs. You can find works from gugging gallery at the drawing now art fair in Paris and at the outsider art fair in New York, among others. 

With the "galerie gugging special edition" in 2017, the gallery opened up to new music styles and art forms. Surrounded by the works of the artists from Gugging, guest musicians and concert visitors find a unique artistic setting here.

To meet the many different and often complex online requirements, we developed a new web concept that places focus on user-friendliness, functionality and design.

Existing design schemes such as the colours of the cover of the printed exhibition catalogues were continued on the website as a colour coding system for better orientation. Typography, control elements and icons were adapted to their corporate identity and some of these elements are gently animated.