Essenszeit GmbH in Hanover manages some 20 company restaurants and staff canteens in Germany and Austria. The company philosophy centres on health and wellbeing.

Canteens and staff restaurants may not generally be considered particularly sexy. This makes developing a web communication strategy that conveys the company values in a fresh and vibrant way not an easy task.

We place the conversation over lunch, a central part of Essenszeit's philosophy, literally at the top of the online presence. We create a website that stands out from the crowd - one that puts the visitor in the middle of the action and lends an unusual perspective.

The philosophy of Essenzeit sees eating together in a nice atmosphere as a vibrant part of their company culture and the table as the central place of communication. This concept is the starting point for the pictorial concept of the top view. The photo shoot takes places in Vienna's Fotostudio 65. A typical situation, a lunch break in the canteen with people chatting

Development of the employee portraits concept
If you hover the mouse over the portraits of the chefs you see a short GIF animation.
Because the Essenszeit kitchens are located in various regions in Germany, it was not possible to host a photo shoot that all chefs could attend. To create a consistent and vibrant visual language with a uniform home-studio-light background and using only black and white, new employee photographs can be added quickly and easily at any time. And it always includes a humorous reference to the work of a chef. It gives it all an individual touch and shows appreciation for each employee. Vibrant company culture

Küchenchef Animation. Ein Koch dreht eine Getreidemühle

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