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Lustenauer Senf Booklet

Mustard production in Lustenau, rich in tradition as it is, represents a part of the Vorarlberg’s culture heritage, one which has been maintained and further developed through the generations. Booklet and Package Design.

Chocolate package design

Package design using handmade himalaya paper

330 km/h

Book design for a portrait series of Vienna based photographer Mark Glassner. More about this book project coming soon.


The PenJet uses the movement of the print head to draw with an attached pen, an search of using the limitations and possibilities within the movement of printers. With both the imperfections of handwriting and the preciseness of a machine. A collaboration project of Jaan EvartJulian Hagen and Daniël Maarleveld.

Allalin Poster

Poster on the occasion of the 28th Allalin race in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. A static dot screen in the basic colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black – produces movement through a layering process and the resulting moiré effect.

Margit Morscher fashion atelier

The tissue of the material used is translated into a typographic pattern by use of duplication. This typographic pattern forms the visual appearance of the tailor’s shop, a pattern which - on the rear side of the individual media - is eaten up by a moth.


Proposal for the redesign of the Euro banknotes, in cooperation with Johanna Bayerlein. Our design is based on research into the graphic structures and the respective proportions of colours in the various national flags of the Euro member-states. Based on these results, we have developed a universal raster for the background graphics of the banknotes. The leitmotif we have opted for is farmyard animals. These are familiar across all strata of the population, are geographically and culturally neutral, and have a point of reference to the old value system of bartering from historical eras. In addition, to a certain degree this choice of motif loosens up the dry world of capitalism.


Antipodium is an interdisciplinary process for researching contemporary contexts in the cultures of buildings and social spaces; its purpose is to stimulate the injection of new impetus into architecture.

Design of the visual arrangements of the first element – "On us. About patterns and properties."

Posters, flyers and elements of the website are transferred, by use of the "penjet", into a unique graphic language which lends expression to the experimental character of the architecture festival.

Let us paint the white house black

Critical-investigative engagement with the role of the Bush Administration in the war against Iraq. A new statement is put together from the blackened-out text passages of various CIA documents (covering up key elements of the secret-service reports) and published as a poster.

Astrid Lindgren Zentrum

Corporate Design for a private Montessori based school in vienna

archmp architects

The focus of this Dornbirn-based architectural practice is the area of tension between external parameters and the inventive architectural creative dynamic in itself. The intensive interaction with complex matter of a logistical, economic, functional and psychological nature plays a decisive role.

For archmp, a new corporate identity emerged – one which does justice to these aspirations and is applied diligently and consistently through all media.

Typography poster

font classification, origination of type. visualisation through phantom view

Yanus Verlag – publishing house

The programme of the publishing house, founded in 2009, contains classical and also printed paperback books, as well as e-books, and – with the tandem book – a mixed form consisting of analogue and digital content. The bipolarity between analogue and digital was one of the decisive aspects in the process of finding a name, and then also in the choice of "iterrobang", a hermaphrodite punctuation mark, consisting of exclamation marks and question marks, as the company logo.

Johann Fischer, Artist

Johann Fischer was one of the Art Brut artists from the house of artists in Gugging close to Vienna. Lightness, spontaneity and creatively drawing upon one’s innermost resources: these are particularly clearly discernible elements in his works. On the one hand, his texts border on banality, on the other they are almost philosophical "Inscriptions". This book, winner of a Joseph Binder Award in 2008 in the category of edition design, is a homage to the "cra-zy" work of Josef Fischer, which presents itself with great exactness and unmistakable calligraphic details. The typographic layout of the book, which is inspired by the characteristics of manuscripts from long-gone days, conveys the artist’s abnormal and cranky nature without making fun of it. The sober and straight-lined type corresponds in digital typesetting to the painstaking and meticulous way in which the artist writes; his typical special characters, strokes and flourishes serve as additions.

Available from the Bucher Verlag publishing house, the Salon für Kunstbuch, Haus der Künstler in Gugging (the museum shop of the house of artists), as well as here by request.

Sol LeWitt Poster

Typographic screen-print posters as a homage to Sol LeWitt´s "variations of incomplete open cubes".

Raven Newspaper

This visual experiment involves replacing the letters in the blocks of text, by means of flying ravens who detach themselves from the layout, bit by bit, and fly away.